Top ideas for kids birthday party in Texas

Planning a kid’s birthday party can be a daunting experience. Parents would like to make the party exceptional and offer their kid and his mates a fun and active day which will make them happy. If you’re stuck with the planning and not sure how to throw a sweet party for your kid, here’re the top ideas for kids birthday party in Texas.

Jumping castlejumping castle hire

Whether you’re planning a birthday party for a boy or a girl, hiring a jumping castle is the right idea for it. These castles are completely safe even for smaller children. Some jumping castles come with inflatable slides, which adds more fun to the experience.

The jumping castles are made of a waterproof, inflatable, and smooth material, which will keep your kid and his friends protected. The material is also very durable, which means there’s no chance for the castle to tear down. Not all castles are built the same though, so make sure you choose a reputable jumping castle hire company for the job.  The castle doesn’t require too much space, so if you have a limited space for a party, that would be an excellent choice for you. To keep the fun at the highest level, you can restrict the number of kids that are in the castle, or you can even separate boys from girls or big ones from smaller ones.

Magician show

Magician shows are always in, especially if you find a good magician. With some interesting tricks that will grab the kids’ attention for the moment, the show will break down the high-activity routine. However, it’s probably not a very good idea to use it as the sole activity on your kids’ birthday menu.

Magicians usually have prepared set of acts they’ll perform, but you can always ask to make a different set. Nevertheless, the kids are going to enjoy watching how objects disappear or transform to some other.

Pony rides

In case you have a big backyard, you should consider organizing a pony ride for your kid’s birthday party. Kids love animals, and they will certainly enjoy the opportunity to hang out with sweet little ponies. Probably that’s not the type of the experience they’ll run across soon, so it’s a perfect way to make a memorable birthday party for your kid and his mates.

Sphere rides

If you’re a fearless parent and want to make sure your teens are having a perfect time, you can always go with sphere rides. It’s one of a kind experience which can hardly be compared to anything your kids has experienced. The tumbling and rolling are perfectly safe thanks to the safety belts and handles that are installed inside the sphere.

The material is inflatable and smooth on the inside, which makes it a perfect place for hanging out by yourself or with a friend. And no worries – it’s completely safe to have two kids in the sphere at the same time. More fun guaranteed!