Texas Sphere Rides in New Braunfels, Texas is located next to Texas Ski Ranch. Strap yourself in our 10 foot diameter clear rubber ball and have a great ride.

Check us out as KEYE 42 News comes out and reporter Betty Cross learns how we rolllll, (Hear her scream) Click and enjoy

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We are open Saturday and Sunday, 11am-6pm. Follow us on Facebook for updates.
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 Located at 6700 N IH 35 Suite B
New Braunfels, TX 78130

We are next to Texas Ski Ranch

Contact us at [email protected]

Climb into our 10 foot diameter clear rubber balls, strap yourself in and enjoy the most awesome gravitational descents Central Texas has to offer. Feel the G-force as you tumble head over heels! It could also have adrenaline inspired “yelps” and “woo-hoos” that can be heard as riders flip down our downhill run.

This sphere ride is pure fun… Whether it’s your 1st or 50th ride in the Texas sized Sphere. All riders must signer waiver.

Helicopter Tours of Texas

Texas Sphere Rides is teamed with  Helicopter Tours of Texas to give you another chance to up the adrenaline! 

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Blog Updates

How we were able to find a perfect new location in Dallas thanks to our awesome property management company

Finding a new location in Dallas sounded like a nightmare. With our busy schedule and lack of contacts, we were prepared either to get ripped off (like we did with the last location change) or to get something that’s barely close to our standards.

I already gave up, and the battle for a new Dallas location hasn’t even started yet. My hubby was a bit optimistic about the whole thing – he heard from his friend that hiring a property management dallas company should be the safest route to go. I wasn’t sure but was willing to give it a go.

Finding a property management company in Dallas

With the strategy set up and ready to win the property war, my hubby and I started with the first task: find a property management company. Since we were living in Seattle at the time, we didn’t have many connections there. The first thing that crosses our minds were “google it,” so we did.

“Oh, wow, 6 million results! Who’s going to go through all of this”?!

“We, will, hun. Take a deep breath.”

I was freaking out, apparently. In the meantime, my hubby found the way to pre-select the companies based on their reputation and online presentation. We were going through their websites, reading their “About us” page, look for the pricing… After a couple of days, we narrowed our search to top 10 companies that we want to contact about a new location in Dallas.

Calling the companies

It took another day to call the companies and try to get some extra information about the locations they can help us with. All the people we talked with were very kind and cooperative, which made a deep impression on both of us. At least I thought it would be easier to pick the one when I speak to their agents, but I guess I was wrong.

We set down and discuss the list again. We agreed to make an appointment with four from the list and to see what they can offer.

The first company was not far away from the place we were staying at Dallas. The office looked great; the staff was looking busy. We met our agent, Angie, to discuss the criteria for the location. She was very confident: her words sounded assuring and promising. Unfortunately, when she took us to see the first place, it was clear that we didn’t understand each other well. We asked for a house, and she thought that the duplex on a mutual property is something that will suit our needs. It was a deal-breaker, so we moved on to the next company.

The woman that talked to us was named Sally, and she looked a bit shy when we first met her. She was merely speaking; she let my hubby and me do all the talking, and she just kept listening and writing down something that she felt it was important. Unlike the first agent, Sally didn’t take us on the sightseeing right away; she said she would call us back.

I have to admit – I was nervous. What if this is another failure? What if we never find a decent property? The time was running; we needed a home asap. Fortunately, Sally picked up a phone the following day and invited us to the property. I cannot describe the way I felt when I saw the property for the first time. It was like a dream come true. Sally’s been written down everything that we’d ask for and found us the perfect new location in Dallas. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Sally and her awesome property management company, we’re enjoying living in Dallas.


Your guide to fitness boot camps in Texas: What to expect and what to bring?

Those, who’re willing to take part in a competitive and challenging game, should prepare themselves properly so that they can achieve the success they’re looking for.

There are many ways that can help them become successful but one of the most important things that are required for such kind of challenging games is a healthy and fit body.

Your body needs to be strong enough so that it can bear all the hardships and pains of the game. Fitness boot camps are considered to be the best way to help you build a strong and powerful body.

Boot camps in Texas are mostly organized by the expert gym trainers and army officials, therefore, you’ll find a lot to learn there.

And they’ll also show you the perfect ways of building a strong and powerful that’ll help you achieve the success that you’re struggling for. Let’s take a look at what you should expect and what you should bring with you when going to a boot camp in Texas.


It is a boot camp that you’re going to join so you must be prepared mentally and physically. You must keep in mind that there would be a lot of hard work to do and you would be asked to do the things that you’ve never thought of before.

You’ll have to follow the orders of your coach willingly or unwillingly because if you failed to obey the orders, you’ll no longer be permitted to stay in the camp.

Following the orders of your coach is also a part of your training as it helps you keep your emotions under control. You must be physically fit as there are lots of exercises and difficult tasks that you’re going to participate in.

So, you must be physically prepared so that you can complete all the tasks without any problem.

Sometimes, you might be asked to go on a hiking trip with the camp members. And there are no phone services available in most of the areas these people choose for hiking. You must keep in mind that during this hiking trip you will not be able to contact your friends and family.

What to bring?

Usually, it depends on what kind of boot camp are you going to join. If you’re going to join a boot camp for a marathon race, then you must bring good quality shoes with you because running, jumping and climbing mountains would be involved in this boot camp.

If you’re going to a boxing boot camp, then you must bring your boxing gloves with you.

You’ll be practicing on the punching bag for at least two hours a day. You may take a look at the FitnessHavens Guide to Punching Bags if you want to know more about what equipment you should bring with you when going on a boxing boot camp.

If you’re willing to practice a specific sport during the boot camp, you must bring the equipment that is essential for that sport.

How to make delicious spooky Halloween cupcakes this Halloween

We know – you want to impress your friends by making a delicious Halloween cupcakes. Tutorial on making Spooky Cupcakes this Halloween Season is one way to find out the latest hacks in cupcake decorations. In addition to that, check out our tips for making delicious spooky Halloween cupcakes.

Vampire inspired cupcakes

Red, white, and black – that’s all you need to create a perfect vampire inspired cupcake. Spooky enough to get the attention from your guests with a twist of surprise. Use natural ingredients to gain the taste that will blow away anyone who get a bite of your cupcakes. Strawberry, cherry or cranberry sauce is an excellent way to achieve blood color. For the teeth, you can use white fondant and cut it in a triangle shape.

Another way to do it is to make knives out of fondant (you’ll need white and black for this) or to craft a glass candy. Use corn syrup, cream of tartar, sugar, and some water for the mixture, which you’ll be cooking on the medium-heat. When the mixture is ready (with the temperature of 300 degrees), pour it over the pan covered with baking paper and foil. Put it in the freezer for an hour and then break the mixture into glass pieces.halloween cupcakes tutorial

Monster inspired cupcakes

Zombies, werewolves, and, of course, Frankenstein. There are some ways to make spooky cupcakes. With some edible colors, chocolate sprinkles, and M&M’s, you’ll probably enjoy in designing delicious cupcakes for the Halloween party. Use your imagination when you’re creating cupcakes with facial expressions – you don’t have to be conservative. Try out different colors and details to make those monsters irresistible to eat.

Ghost inspired cupcakes

We all remember the times when we were kids – the ghost stories scared us to death! As we grew older (and started to think about creative ways to decorate Halloween cupcakes), ghosts became less spooky – and tastier. Ghost inspired cupcakes are an excellent choice for beginners since they don’t require too much effort. The only thing you need is a white frosting (or a marshmallow), and you’re ready to go.

Witch inspired cupcakes

halloween cupcakes tutorialLast but not least – the queen of the Halloween parties. Witch inspired cupcakes can make a strong impression if you manage to use colors and symbols to create a fantastic cupcake decoration. Start with some green and use it for witches face or her special brew. The witch brew is the easier way to do a cupcake decoration. If you choose a look, don’t go into details (you’re still working on a small surface). Make sure you don’t skip the big pointy nose (you can use fondant to make one) and messy hair (chocolate sprinkles will do it).

Another way to do a witch inspired cupcake decoration is to use something to represent the hat – as an ice-cream cone dipped in dark chocolate or food color – or to use fondant to create witch legs and funky striped socks. Either way, make sure to add some purple, as well!

Fun games any Texan would love

No matter what state you belong to and what is your nationality, it is the truth that without gaming, we all are exhausted. We all love to play online games and when it comes to the Texans, they’re the huge fans of games and they’ve made many records in the popular games.

If you live in Texas and want to find some game that belongs to the Texans, then you must take a look at the list of the games we’re going to share in this article. You can enjoy these fab games and will get addicted to them.


It’s an online game and it’s one of the best games for the people who like to play poker in their spare time. Now you can play multiple parts of the games, you can start from the part one and can go up to the part 3.

The game is bang with the new advancement and now you can also buy new things in the game. It has lots of new tricks and accessories which are going to increase your excitement for the poker.


Rocket league is the best game that enables you to play soccer online. Rocket League is one of the Juegos De Friv that you can play in your spare time to feel relaxed. Rocket league is a vehicle soccer game where you can play soccer on the cars.

This is one of the most interesting games you should go for when you are a fond of playing soccer and you love vehicles as well. Rocket league will make you addicted to the game and you will play it whenever you get time.


Rainbow six siege is one of the best shooting games and if you love using guns and the other weapons, then this game is suitable for you. For each level, you can choose different weapons to protect yourself from the enemies.

This game provides you a realistic view and the graphics quality in this game is amazing. If you are passionate about the shooting games, then this is must try for you and you can play it anytime.


Quake III Arena is a game that belongs to common sense. The use of weapons is quite common in this game but the levels are quite interesting. This game is specially designed for the skillful people.

The great part about this game is that it is also available in the 3D view. You will love the graphics of the game even online and quality of the game is perfect.


Plants vs Zombies is a fun game and when you want some exciting in the game, then there is nothing better than this. The levels become much more difficult as you move further.

You can play this game in any part of the world but it is amazing for the Texans as they love playing games that come with quality graphics.

Top rated things to do in Plano, Texas

When you are going to a new place or shifting somewhere, it’s hard to look for a new job and adjust yourself to the environment. If you are moving to the Plano, Texas then here is some of the information which is going to help you.

Here we are about to tell you about the top-rated professions in Plano, Texas through which you can earn a handsome amount for your living. Here are some of the best professions listed below.


If you want to start your own business, then you should become a professional locksmith. An emergency can occur anywhere and you just have to determine which place is best to start the business and where you can earn more.

Top rated Plano Locksmiths – dmllocksmith.com could be a great guide for you and you will be able to decide where you need to start and what kind of services you will be able to provide to the clients.


You can become a tourist guide if you’re familiar with all the popular place of Plano, Texas. If you love to roam around the place and want to make it your profession as well then you should go for it.

You must gather all the important information about this place before you jump into this business. You can guide people and help them in exploring the city. It will definitely help you earn a great amount of money and you’ll love making new friends during this profession.


These days everything is based on the digitalization. Computers and laptops are all about the digitalization and if you are expert in it then you can have a job in the field of information technology.

To be successful in this field you just need to be expert in using technological gadgets and you need to keep an eye on the changes that are appearing in this market.


Another easy thing you can do in Texas is that you can work as a real estate broker. You can start this work from your neighborhood. You need to have all the information about the place that’ll help you show a property to a party.

Real estate brokers can earn a good amount of money through their client. You just have to go for the right kind of property and you should know about the market value of each place.


If you know how to take care of the patient or you have experience of nursing then you should go for the nursing profession. This is known as one of the top-rated professions when you want to earn a handsome amount of money.

You can have a job of a private nurse where you have to take care of the patient and you can have a place to live as well. In this profession, you can go for the hospital job as well which is going to be suitable if you don’t want to work for the long hours.

How to Bring Some Fun to your Family While you’re in Hawaii


Just like the destination wedding Hawaii is like the destination vacation. If you are on the vacation and you are looking for the spot where you can take your family with you then what’s best than Hawaii? You can go to the Hawaii with your family to explore something new and give them a chance to experience new activities.

Another thing you will notice on this vacation is that your soul and mind are going to be refreshed and you will feel happy after watching your family enjoying such a great place. Have a look at what activities you should do when you are going to the Hawaii with your family. You can check this link http://www.liveyouraloha.com/waikiki-parasailing-breeze.


Parks and cultural center are playing the great role in making family vacation such a pure thing to enjoy. If you want to take your family to the Hawaii then go for the parks and cultural center first so your kid can learn a history of the place and they can gain knowledge as well. Parks and cultural centers will help them in guiding about the place.


Beaches are the best thing about any other country. People who come to spend vacations at the different place with their family they usually go to the beach to enjoy the weather.

Fun In Hawaii

If you are going to the Hawaii on the vacation then why you should waste your time by wandering here and there. Go straight to the beach where you can spend a long time and can see people who are relaxing around you. Don’t forget to take sunscreen and tents with you.


Parasailing is also an amazing thing to attempt when you are at the beach with your family. Take a person with you who is fond of attempting such adventures and who like to explore the world from the heights.

Fun In Hawaii

In parasailing, you can see the Hawaii from the height and you can look for the different activities as well people are trying. Parasailing is good for adults and for the kids above 5 years if they are not afraid of heights. It’s better not to take kids at parasailing activity if they are not comfortable with it.


How can you ignore jet ski? But don’t take jet ski on rent because it’s not safe to drive it when you don’t have the professional person with you. So go for the activities with your family you want to try but don’t keep your life and your loves one’s life on stake. The jet ski is such a perfect activity to enjoy when you are safe and enjoying the cool breeze of the beach.


Fun In Hawaii

If you and your kids love to go for the wildlife adventure then you should go to the zoo or to the place where you can see them and explore their habits. You will get the guide of different places once you have a map of the Hawaii in your hand.

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