How we were able to find a perfect new location in Dallas thanks to our awesome property management company

Finding a new location in Dallas sounded like a nightmare. With our busy schedule and lack of contacts, we were prepared either to get ripped off (like we did with the last location change) or to get something that’s barely close to our standards.

I already gave up, and the battle for a new Dallas location hasn’t even started yet. My hubby was a bit optimistic about the whole thing – he heard from his friend that hiring a property management dallas company should be the safest route to go. I wasn’t sure but was willing to give it a go.

Finding a property management company in Dallas

With the strategy set up and ready to win the property war, my hubby and I started with the first task: find a property management company. Since we were living in Seattle at the time, we didn’t have many connections there. The first thing that crosses our minds were “google it,” so we did.

“Oh, wow, 6 million results! Who’s going to go through all of this”?!

“We, will, hun. Take a deep breath.”

I was freaking out, apparently. In the meantime, my hubby found the way to pre-select the companies based on their reputation and online presentation. We were going through their websites, reading their “About us” page, look for the pricing… After a couple of days, we narrowed our search to top 10 companies that we want to contact about a new location in Dallas.

Calling the companies

It took another day to call the companies and try to get some extra information about the locations they can help us with. All the people we talked with were very kind and cooperative, which made a deep impression on both of us. At least I thought it would be easier to pick the one when I speak to their agents, but I guess I was wrong.

We set down and discuss the list again. We agreed to make an appointment with four from the list and to see what they can offer.

The first company was not far away from the place we were staying at Dallas. The office looked great; the staff was looking busy. We met our agent, Angie, to discuss the criteria for the location. She was very confident: her words sounded assuring and promising. Unfortunately, when she took us to see the first place, it was clear that we didn’t understand each other well. We asked for a house, and she thought that the duplex on a mutual property is something that will suit our needs. It was a deal-breaker, so we moved on to the next company.

The woman that talked to us was named Sally, and she looked a bit shy when we first met her. She was merely speaking; she let my hubby and me do all the talking, and she just kept listening and writing down something that she felt it was important. Unlike the first agent, Sally didn’t take us on the sightseeing right away; she said she would call us back.

I have to admit – I was nervous. What if this is another failure? What if we never find a decent property? The time was running; we needed a home asap. Fortunately, Sally picked up a phone the following day and invited us to the property. I cannot describe the way I felt when I saw the property for the first time. It was like a dream come true. Sally’s been written down everything that we’d ask for and found us the perfect new location in Dallas. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Sally and her awesome property management company, we’re enjoying living in Dallas.