How to make delicious spooky Halloween cupcakes this Halloween

We know – you want to impress your friends by making a delicious Halloween cupcakes. Tutorial on making Spooky Cupcakes this Halloween Season is one way to find out the latest hacks in cupcake decorations. In addition to that, check out our tips for making delicious spooky Halloween cupcakes.

Vampire inspired cupcakes

Red, white, and black – that’s all you need to create a perfect vampire inspired cupcake. Spooky enough to get the attention from your guests with a twist of surprise. Use natural ingredients to gain the taste that will blow away anyone who get a bite of your cupcakes. Strawberry, cherry or cranberry sauce is an excellent way to achieve blood color. For the teeth, you can use white fondant and cut it in a triangle shape.

Another way to do it is to make knives out of fondant (you’ll need white and black for this) or to craft a glass candy. Use corn syrup, cream of tartar, sugar, and some water for the mixture, which you’ll be cooking on the medium-heat. When the mixture is ready (with the temperature of 300 degrees), pour it over the pan covered with baking paper and foil. Put it in the freezer for an hour and then break the mixture into glass pieces.halloween cupcakes tutorial

Monster inspired cupcakes

Zombies, werewolves, and, of course, Frankenstein. There are some ways to make spooky cupcakes. With some edible colors, chocolate sprinkles, and M&M’s, you’ll probably enjoy in designing delicious cupcakes for the Halloween party. Use your imagination when you’re creating cupcakes with facial expressions – you don’t have to be conservative. Try out different colors and details to make those monsters irresistible to eat.

Ghost inspired cupcakes

We all remember the times when we were kids – the ghost stories scared us to death! As we grew older (and started to think about creative ways to decorate Halloween cupcakes), ghosts became less spooky – and tastier. Ghost inspired cupcakes are an excellent choice for beginners since they don’t require too much effort. The only thing you need is a white frosting (or a marshmallow), and you’re ready to go.

Witch inspired cupcakes

halloween cupcakes tutorialLast but not least – the queen of the Halloween parties. Witch inspired cupcakes can make a strong impression if you manage to use colors and symbols to create a fantastic cupcake decoration. Start with some green and use it for witches face or her special brew. The witch brew is the easier way to do a cupcake decoration. If you choose a look, don’t go into details (you’re still working on a small surface). Make sure you don’t skip the big pointy nose (you can use fondant to make one) and messy hair (chocolate sprinkles will do it).

Another way to do a witch inspired cupcake decoration is to use something to represent the hat – as an ice-cream cone dipped in dark chocolate or food color – or to use fondant to create witch legs and funky striped socks. Either way, make sure to add some purple, as well!