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No reservations needed!

Warning the TX Sphere ride is an extreme ride, not for the faint hearted, to stir up excitement for the adrenaline junkies–also we should probably mention that the ride consists of 2 persons combined weight. of 400 lbs and max single wt. of 220 strapping in a harness and riding together down the hill.


$29.95: 1 person, 1 Sphere Ride

$59.90: 1 roll for 2 people

$107.82: 2 rolls for 2 people each

$143.76: 3 rolls for 2 people each

Contact us for group rates!

$143.01: 5-7 minute Helicopter Ride and 1 sphere roll, both for 2 people

$179.01: 10 minute Helicopter Ride and 1 sphere roll, both for 2 people

$256.41: 15-20 minute Helicopter Ride and 1 sphere roll, both for 2 people

All riders must signer waiver. Click here for sphere ride waiver.

Maximum of 2 passengers in ball
Maximum 3 passengers in helicopter
Prices do not include tax
$2 discount for military

For all sphere rides all items must be removed from pockets and from person. This includes everything! Watches, eyeglasses, wallets, change, knives, shoes, everything. Leave it locked in your car or we’ll provide a box for your stuff. Socks are suggested.

When you come to the Ski Ranch you’ll go inside to the ticket counter to fill out your waiver and purchase your ticket (or tell them you have a voucher, we collect the vouchers). Everyone needs to fill out a waiver, downloaded from the internet and brought with you or filled out at the Ski Ranch. They will call us to shuttle you to our area. We’ll bring you to the top of the track where you’ll take off your shoes and everything out of your pockets, then you’ll get into the ball and strap in. We’ll make sure you want to roll and then turn you loose! After your roll they will drop you out at the bottom where you’ll ride back up to the top to put on your shoes and go back to the ski ranch or roll again! They say laughter is good medicine, come roll with us and feel better!
Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.